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Custom Machine Quilting


Geesje Baron

Machine Quilting:

I can supply the tread, but if you wish you may provide your own.

My machine prefers Robison Anton.


Press your quilt top and backing.  Have all seams pressed and square up quilt and edges.
(Excess outer border, wavy, is difficult to correct.)

Stay stitch 1/8” from the edge around the quilt top to stabilize end seams.
(Your backing if it has multiple seams at the edges also.)

Clip all loose threads from top and backing.
(Loose threads can show through on lighter fabrics.)

Make sure all selvages have been removed from top and backing.

Use a half inch seam allowance for seamed backing and press the seam open.

Backing should be at least 4 inches longer than the top on all 4 sides.

Batting should be at least 3 inches longer than the top on all 4 sides.

Do not baste your quilt, keep all layers separate.

Identify the top and bottom of your quilt top and backing. This is important if your quilt is directional.

No high loft batting please.

May I (or not) quilt on your applique or embroidery?

All stitching is done on a HQ16, I prefer not to use the stitch regulator.


        How to calculate pricing for your quilt:

       measure your quilt top ex. 45” x 75” x 2.25 cents per square inch = $75.90

Meandering/stippling starting at 2.25 cents per square inch up to 5 cents for fancy borders and micro meandering/stippling.

Template/stencil starting at 3 cents per square inch up to 6 cents for intricate quilting.

$8.00 charge of constructing your backing

$10.00 charge if pressing your quilt and backing is required.

$5.00 charge per thread colour change.

$10.00 charge for rotating the quilt

Minimum charge $30.00