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Welcome to my website, Conundrum Quilts.

I’m a quilter and thread artist from Manitoba Canada and on my website you can find all things quilting; the fabric that I dye, the patterns I design, the book I wrote with Esther, and of course a gallery of quilts.

You can find pictures of recent work on my Facebook page.

Quilting will bring you to three pages, the first tells you something about machine quilting and what to do if you bring your quilt to be quilted by a long-armer.

I wrote a bit about the process of batik in the 2 projects I did a few years ago, and hope to do some more in the future.

On the 3D Folded Blocks pages you will find pictures of the projects described in our book. This link: 3D Folded Blocks will bring you to the website of everything about 3D Folded Blocks.

On the fabrics pages you find most of my hand-dyed fabrics that can be ordered by contacting me by email or phone.

In the future I hope to add more pages of other fabric altering techniques like painting, screen printing, discharge dyeing and others. I still haven’t gotten around to that yet!

I use a lot of my hand dyed fabrics in my patterns, feel free to have a look there.

On the Gallery pages you will find most of my quilts, from the late 1980’s and 1990 on page 3 to quilts made in the new millennium on page 2, to the newer quilts on page 1. Some of my quilts are for sale, contact for pricing and availability.

I encourage students to send photo’s of their work that will then be displayed on the student gallery.

Currently I teach classes through Carellan Sewing Centre and Sew&Embroidery in Winnipeg, Tiger Hills Arts Association in Holland, Golden Prairie Arts Council and Morning Glory Quilters Guild in Carman, and Material Quilters Guild in St Claude.

A description of each workshop is explained on the workshops page.

I also teach classes out of my studio in St Claude; Fabric Dying, Sashiko and any other technique students are interested in learning.

My bio can be found on the About page.