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“Abstract Flowers” by Geesje, 22” by 40”




22” by 22”

Private collection.

“An Ash I Know There Stands”


Esther Vermeer

17” by 31”

Batik is an original fabric art form from the Far East, Indonesia is one of the countries where it is still being practiced.

A batik is built up colour by colour, starting with the lightest and working through to the darkest colour, using a resist, in this case wax, to make the initial design. This process is repeated as often as is needed to complete the design.

At right you see a Batik where part of the design is waxed on a yellow background, the first colour. Then the process was repeated four more times, wax the next part of the design and paint the second colour over the whole fabric, etc.   

Here you could also use the immersion dyeing technique, but I opted for painting the whole piece. Then the whole cloth was covered with wax  which

was then placed in the freezer to harden the wax. After 10 minutes the wax was hard enough to allow for crackling and the fabric was then immersion dyed in black dye, which gives the final piece its crackly look.

When I designed Vases, I waxed the design on the fabric, then painted each section its appropriate colour, waxed the cloth, crackled it and immersion dyed it in black.

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